We decided to start trying to conceive in May, went on one cycle of clomid with no response.

I actually had an allergy to it but not so bad that I couldn’t continue. The second cycle they trippled my dose…still no response but they they switched me over mid cycle to a similar medication and though at my last ultrasound it still showed no response, I was still optimistic.

I took a pregnancy test BFN and then started the provera to start my cycle again so I could start injectables this time. Normally within 2 days of finishing the provera I start like clockwork. DH and I went to San Fran on vacation and I kept praying I wouldn’t start my cycle until the end of my trip or I’d have to hold off another cycle to start the injectables because of monitoring requirements. Well….my period NEVER came.

I got pregnant and spontaneously ovulated from the second clomid similar medication between cycles somehow and got my BFP on August 13th! I’m sooooo excited.

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