I have been reading some of the stories on this site and performed some research on PCOS prior to finding this website (which is really amazing by the way). One thing I have to say is that I have been struck by how atypical my story is in comparison to others here and the features described in the literature.

So here it is…my story.

I was diagnosed in October after a year of infertility. The diagnosis at that time was based solely on FSH:LH ratio alone. Since then I have also had a pelvic u/s which was normal.

I have none of the characteristic physical features of PCOS. I am the least hirsute woman I know (no facial or chest hair and can go a month without shaving my legs without it being obvious). I have dry skin and have never had acne. I don’t have male pattern baldness, acanthosis nigricans (dark patches), skin tags and sadly my sex drive is a little on the low side. I am overweight with a BMI of 27 but not obese, and the extra weight I do have is all hips and ass, not around the middle.

My periods are predictable to the day. In my teens they were irregular and I had issues with very heavy bleeding so I was started on the BCP. I stopped after a couple of years due to unpleasant side effects and my periods have been fine since. (I am now 31)

Suffice it to say, I am a little dubious of the diagnosis. I find it funny that so many people had issues with doctors NOT diagnosing PCOS, whereas mine seemed to jump to the diagnosis a little too quickly. He started me on metformin to aid with fertility and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I started on the medication without further research initially. I am now starting to regret that decision, as it would have been nice to see if I was ovulating normally without the metformin. I have also been battling depression these last few months and that has typically been the focus of our appointments, not the PCOS. (And yes, I am aware that depression is a symptom of PCOS.)

I have an appointment later this week and I think I need to readdress the diagnosis. It looks like some further lab tests are required. Who knows, maybe I am one of the minority who does not develop the physical features but has chemical hyperandrogenism.

Does this story sound familiar to anyone out there?

wow…that was long.

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