I’ve just joined this site, it’s great!! I’m so happy that I’ve found somewhere I can talk about PCOS with other people who have it too!

I was diagnosed at 19 after I suggested to the Doctor that I had the condition because I had researched all my symptoms on the net.

I knew that I wasn’t the same as my friends when I started to grow sideburns in my mid-teens, which I was mortified with. The older i got, the hairs on my upper-lip appeared thicker and I started to develop thick dark hairs under and around my chin, around my nipples, on my tummy (treasure trail) and on my hands and feet. It was awful, I was bullied as a result (kids are horrible!) being called a man etc.. Other symptoms I have are irregular periods and eczema.

I ended up loosing all confidence and love for myself, wearing frumpy clothes and scarves that would hide my hair. I didn’t know what to do with it! I tried waxing, hair removal creams the lot! But it wouldn’t budge. It got to the stage where I was so self conscious about it I didn’t want to apply for University because I was afraid I wouldn’t make any friends .

I thought that people would take one look at me and think ergh! I was so depressed, this is at 18 years of age – its not right! So my mum and I saved up so I could have laser treatment (this was before I knew I had PCOS) and I had 6 treatments, which is more than enough for most people. But I kept growing back! My therapist told me it wasn’t normal at 18/19 to keep having it grow back so she told me to go to the doctor with all my findings.

Even though all the hair hasn’t gone, its certainly been reduced and I has given me alot of my confidence back that I used to have, I’m going back there after my tan has faded from my holiday because you can’t have the treatment with a tan because you can loose the pigmentation of your skin (scary!) I need to loose weight too, I’m a curvy size 14-16 depending what shop I’m in, but I’d love to be a size 12.

I have been prescribed Metformin and I’m also taking Dianette – the contraceptive pill which has been proven to reduce acne and testosterone levels, therefore reducing my facial hair with help from Dianette.

I hope my story helps, all of yours have, I feel so inspired.
Thankyou xxx

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