Hello –

I’m 22 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS after a trip to the emergency room about six months ago. I wanted to share my story because it is one that I feel many women can relate to, and it’s one that will hopefully inspire another hopeless woman into being aggressive with her health care provider(s).

I was an extremely underweight girl for the majority of my life. I weighed in at 103 pounds, I was extremely energetic, athletic and thin as a rail. I developed incredibly early and had a relatively normal period…until I turned 17. I had been menstruating for a good 6 years when suddenly, I started to miss periods.

I also began to gain some weight. I also began to feel incredibly fatigued and lethargic, something that wasn’t normal to me. My family dismissed it as me just being lazy or having my metabolism catch up with me (AT 17 YEARS OLD.).

Fast forward 2 years later – as time went on, the irregularity, heavy flow and cramping continued. My idea of irregularity at the time meant that I missed a month a few times a year. I began to really pack on the pounds, but it was never more than 20 pounds a year. Despite my dieting and excersizing.

A new symptom showed up – body hair. Again, no one listened to me when I’d bring this up because for the most part of my life, I was hair-free. What I noticed as a considerable amount of body hair, others considered normal.

Fast forward 1 years later. I’m a wonderful relationship. My periods were on and off, but they were mostly regular. Suddenly, I gained a massive 50 pounds in less than 6 months and stopped seeing my period altogether. We were an incredibly sexual couple, I was a very sexual person, but I no longer felt any desire.

I started going to my clinic in hopes of getting answers – but aside from being told that I had a thyroid disorder (which I didn’t), that I was diabetic (which I’m not) and that I was just plain fat, I achieved nothing but rack up a nice set of bills.

I lost hope. I would cry myself to sleep because I really felt as though nobody understood. My boyfriend lives with me, he knows how I cook, how I eat, and how we excersize. He KNOWS and he was the only person who had my back and kept pushing me to keep searching for an answer.

I had completely given up hope – one doctor told me that fat was not a symptom of anything and that I could get rid of it by laying off the chips.

Everytime I’d meet a new doctor, they’d interupt me and say “THATS what it is, you started excersizing! Keep doing it you’ll see it’ll come!” No asshole, I’m not done telling you what’s going on! Some would pretend to listen and by the time I was done would be like “Well, look how about we put you on a regimen of walking for an hour a day, eat some chicken breast and salad, and we’ll see how things are going okay?”. It was like HELLO! IS ANYBODY HOME? DID YOU EVEN HEAR A WORD I SAID?

THE NERVE! as silly as it sounds, these things got to me. How wasn’t it supposed to? I was disgusted by my appearance. Despite the fact that I was a very healthy, very lean, very regular girl just a few years before, I actually started to believe that this is how my body was and that I had better get used to it.

One day after not seeing my period for 6 months, I woke up with severe cramps. So severe, I had to call in sick from work. I thought that maybe my period would finally come! No such luck.

The next morning, same story. I got fed up and went to the ER – there was something seriously wrong with me and I needed to know what it was this instant. I went to a learning hospital where I KNEW the doctors knew what they were talking about. It was a 5 hour wait, but within 15 minutes, the gynecologist knew exactly what it was.

Why was it so hard for someone to help me? Why did I have to go through the extremes of going to the emergency room before I met a doctor that was competent enough to understand that my symptoms were not of a fat girl looking for a quick fix, but of a woman with a serious problem in need of help?

I gained a new respect for REAL doctors – the ones that don’t give a **** how long you have to wait so long as they do their job and listen to what each patient has to say and diagnose accordingly. I also lost a lot of respect for so-called doctors and saw just how many opportunists out there got into the medical field simply because it has a nicer paycheck.

I was put on ortho tri-cyclin lo for about three months and it helped in ways I could not describe. I was upbeat, my acne cleared, my period came, I had a libido again. Unfortunately, due to financial circumstances I couldn’t go back. Hopefully things level themselves out and I’ll be able to see this gynocologist again, but at least I KNOW what I have.

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