My story begins at the age of 12, I started my period and noticed that they were irregular and extremely heavy at this stage. I thought it was normal to go through 2 overnight pads every hour, so I dealt.

This lasted until I was 18 and I was diagnosed with a cervical inflammation which was treated with cryo surgery. It was around this time that I started to notice an extreme jump in my weight, I wasn’t eating any different, but I started packing on pounds. I went to several doctors, one of which told me that “some people were just going to be heavy, and there was nothing more I could do“. I was put on birth control pills for several years, which seemed to temporarily correct the problem.

However, the heavy periods were back with a vengeance. Finally my gyn decided to give me a D&C, following the D&C she found that I had endometrial hyperplasia and prescribed megace to battle the problem. After this treatment, I began to notice slowly but surely, my periods began to become less frequent, and then not at all.

After marrying my husband at the age of 25, we both assumed that it would be difficult to conceive children because of my various female problems. Therefore, immediately after our marriage we sought help from a different gyn, who told me to try to conceive on our own for a year, while keeping temperature charts. Needless to say this was unsuccessful.

After the year she began giving me clomid for six months, which was also unsuccessful and I began bleeding irregular and heavy again. Her advice was to continue on the clomid, I decided to get a second opinion. I went to a new gyn, who immediately gave me an ultrasound and biopsy which determined that I had another bout with endometrial hyperplasia and again prescribed megace. She told me I wouldn’t get pregnant with endometrial hyperplasia and instructed me to try and lose some weight (I had ballooned up more than 60lbs by this time), to resolve my condition.

Meanwhile, after six months on megace I was given another biopsy and told that I was ok to try to get pregnant she began me on a therapy of clomid, estrodil and progesterone for six months which failed. She then told me there was nothing more she could do and referred me to an reproductive endocrinologist it was during this visit that I heard the letters PCOS with insulin resistance.

After years of frustration I finally had a name for what was going on with me. However, I didn’t know how heartbreaking and frustrating it would be in dealing with PCOS. Even after 7 years of invasive and EXPENSIVE treatments, biopsy, IUI, IVF ovulation therapies, and several more bouts with endometrial hyperplasia my husband and I remain childless and feeling depressed and despaired!

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