Hi, I joined this forum about 3 years ago, but when I moved back in the end of 07 I fizzled due to no internet and njust never made it back.

Well, now.. more determined than ever I am back and ready to make the best of the opinions, support, and friendship offered here.

I am 29 and was only diagnosed with PCOS in 07, though I have been dealing with it unknown since I was only 11.

I have most all the usual issues (man hair on my face, horrible weight issues, can’t conceve, some hair thinning on my head, insulin resistance, some depression, and ms from hell)

There is a bit of a twist though, I have the go 5-12 months w/o a period thing… but then when I do start I flow for 2-4 months at a time. And it is aweful flow that takes away my life. I pass clotts the size of baseballs, and fill ginormous thick pads in 15-30 mins. I take provera 10mg for this and also an herbal help called Dim-Pro but neither seem to be working as well these last few cycles. Right now I am so desperate to stop bleeding I am actually thinking about the + side of a hysterectomy. Which is very bad because I pray for a child.

Lets see, I am supposed to take Metformin, but it makes me so sick I can’t work. So I have the bottle but haven’t takin it in over a yr.

I also had something crazy happen a few weeks ago. My BFF (who has 3 children) offered to carry a child for me. I do not even know what to make of this… is is a real thing? Is it possible? I am sooo broke and I bet it would be a zillion dollars. But if it were real wow! I have so much running through my head, and not sure where to process it all.

So, anyways, I am happy to be back here and look forward to hearing from my Cysters.

Want to connect with me? My name is Danndie on the SoulCysters Message Board.