Thank you to all the women here who post their stories and advice. Especially those of you who struggled to get a diagnosis and the treatments you needed.

It is because of this community that my diagnosis was relatively pain-free.

1: Decided to start family – figured it would be a problem since I’ve had irregular cycles (3-4 periods a year) since I was 12.

2: After researching anovulation and reading about PCOS symptoms on this message board, asked primary care physician for a referral to a reproductive specialist. I’m in the normal weight range so an additional thank you to thin cysters out there, otherwise I might not have correctly identified the issue.

3: Went to specialist yesterday, they did an ultrasound – saw many cysts on my ovaries – prescribed me Met, provera to induce for (insurance confirmation) a day 3 FSH test. Will start clomid after FSH test.

When the PA told me I had PCOS I wasn’t upset and didn’t have many questions for the doctor — because this site had already answered most of them. I think they were surprised that I took it so well until I told them I had already guessed that was the issue and was very familiar with the syndrome.

I am just so thankful to have such a quick diagnosis. I started a low-GI diet yesterday. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian so started brainstorming low-carb recipes with beans, eggs, cheese, tofu, Boca Burger, etc. I have noticed some hair loss and am afraid of becoming diabetic, so I am so thankful to be on Met. (We’ll see if I’m so thankful after a few more days and the side effects kick in .) Of course, because of this site I already know what Met’s side effects are and some mechanisms for coping with them.

So thank you again everyone!

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