Hi there. I’m 25 years old and TTC #1.

DH and I have not used any type of BC for 6 years, and have been legitimately TRYING for 3 of them. I went through a few OBs who all seemed to be quacks – then I finally got a referral for an RE. I saw the RE on last Monday and he seemed really good. He immediately diagnosed me with PCOS and I was floored. All this time, and I’m just now finding this out?!?!

Anyway – I read the post of people feeling better about themselves now and I can only hope that I will evolve that way! Right now, I feel terrible! I’ve been overweight all my life and have struggled with self-confidence and esteem. My weight has made it very difficult for me to establish and maintain relationships and I live a pretty secluded life – I can admit I suffocate my DH since he’s all I have!

I hope that I can find it in me to overcome this but I’m open to any suggestions to push me in the right direction.

Want to connect with me? My name is Baby4Jen on the SoulCysters Message Board.