I have never had a place to tell this story to and not feel judged or alone. I hope this helps my mental state of mind. Any advice would be amazing.

I am 22 years old. I have struggled with what I believe to be a form of PCOS since I was 13.

My first few periods were normal. For half a year I would say. When I turned 14 they started becoming irregular. Like, bad. I would bleed constantly for a full month and then never bleed again for like 6 months. Finally at 16 it go so bad that I finally went to get checked out.

After a LOT of tests the doctor mentioned PCOS and the hormonal based symptoms.

Heres what I experience:

Abdominal pain like crazy
HEAVY bleeding. Soaking a super tampon every half hour. Clots, whole nine yards.
Violent mood swings.
facial hair, chest hair, arm and lowerback hair.
dark patches on my neck, inner thighs, arm pits.

now i was tested for anything thyroid or diabetic wise and im clean. i also dont have any sign of cysts or anything which always confused me.

anyway. i was never fully diagnosed with this but ive researched it for years and i dont feel their is any other explanation.

hormones dont work. birth control doesnt work.

i really just want a hysterectomy. can anyone give advice. is it worth it? do you know a doctor that will do it without hassle in the rhode island area?

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