Hi All,

I posted a bit about my story on the newbie board but then found this thread and I figure I should introduce myself here too. My name is Elizabeth, I am 27 and live in NH.

I am married, have a 14 year old stepson and a newly adopted 4 year old daughter from Kyrgyzstan. My mom also lives with us, in the studio apartment above our garage. To top it off, we have 3 basset hounds who I love dearly but are being terrible obnoxious as I type!

When I was a teen my periods came regularly and were heavy. I got on BC when I was 17 and took it until I was 24. I had a cyst on my ovary when I was around 18 so they changed my BC pills. My husband had previously had a vasectomy so I got off BC pills when we got together.

I figured, why put drugs in my body that I don’t need. After getting off the pills I stopped having a period and gained about 50lbs in 7 months. I finally convinced a doctor that something was wrong so they did tests and my blood sugar was borderline pre-diabetic and my testosterone was high.

I also got diagnosed with HPV around the same time and was more concerned with that then the high testosterone issue. I went back on BC pills, the same Microgestin that I had always been on. About a year later I switched to Yasmin because my moods were out of control. I never had another hormone blood test.

Fast forward to the past year. I am still overweight, my BMI is about 36. Alot of stress with a new house, new daughter, full time work, etc. My moods have been out of control. I stopped taking BC pills a few months ago cause they weren’t working and my periods have been coming regularly.

I decided I needed to make the effort to lose weight so I started a medically supervised program, HMR. I haven’t been losing so the dietician said I needed to get my hormones checked. My doctor refused to do the test. Why I need a doctor’s permission to get my blood levels is beyond me. It isn’t like I am asking for Oxycotin or something.

Anyway, I switched primary care physicians and the new one ran the tests. She said she wouldn’t guess I had PCOS if it hadn’t been for the previous high testosterone test and problems losing weight. I have periods, no cysts for years, no hair loss, no hair on face/body, etc.

My two testosterone levels were 12.4 & 109 which I gather is almost double what they should be. I go in tomorrow to see what the plan is now. I am anxious to find out what I can do. Metformin was mentioned by the dietician but I don’t know what the doctor will decide to do. I just hope my moods get in check so I’ll stop biting everyone’s heads off!

Want to connect with me? My name is Kallista81 on the SoulCysters Message Board.