Well I ws Dx in 2008 right before I got married I was 28 my Sx have been a problem since I was 15 irreg period weight gain I was always thin untill I turned 18 and went from 120 to 150 Im 5’6 so I have always held my weigh well but always wondered why I was getting stretch marks and wondered why my stomach would get so bloated that I would look like I was 3month prego.

Then when I turned 28 AcNE!!!! it was horrible my face hurt so much and the Anxiety I thought I was going to end up in a looney bin for sure. I have neverfelt so weak and vulnerable in my life and I wondered what had changed? Was I turning into my mother that was a scarey thought. I do love her but she was always a nernous nellie and I promise myself I would be stronger than that.

When I was dx I thought finally I have an answer to why I have all of my Sx and alot of things made sence. But unfortunetly with this dx there are no straight answers and often I find myself depressed and I feel like broken goods.

Currently I just started Metformin last year I did the natural approach workd really well I droped 11 pounds ran a half and a full marathon got married and feel of the wagon! but I’m back to health again myself and hubby would like to make a baby soon so I have started taking Met 1000mg will up to 1500mg next week. My weight is stabalizing I weigh 165 right now and the funny thing is my husband loves it.

But I would like to get back into a size10 currently 11-12 I also take progesterone 100mg in olive oil CD14-27. Im thankful for this forum and hope to find a great support group with everyone else here. Thank you

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