Since age of 13, I knew something was not right with me.

Finally after horrific periods, my mother took me to my first OBGYN for an appointment. He did the normal exam and told me everything was ok and put me on bc pills. I was not sexually active, and could not understand why he put me on the pills.

From age 13-17, I was seeing regular AF every month, like clock work. When I got on the pills, from 17-20, I became very irregular, but with still the same horrific periods. Horrific being, massive bleeding, passing out and staying out for hours and throwing up.

At the age of 20, I was raped by 4 guys one afternoon. I ended up pregnant with my first child, and after month 5 (I didnt know I was pregnant) I then stopped taking my pills. I had a horrible pregnancy with bad 24/7 sickness and high blood preasure. I was so sick that I lost alot of weight and month 7, I was hospitalized to gain weight, so all other options failed.

Finally, due to my high blood pressure, I was admitted back into the hospital at 37 weeks and was told my son was coming no matter what cause how high it was. He was 3 weeks early and not breathing well on his own, and concidered him a preamie and watched him for a few days, put on o2, the whole nine yards. My son weighed 8lbs 10oz. I am thankful they took him early…lol Well, I have still continued to have abnormal cycles.

Sept. 2007, I met a wonderful man and March 1, 2008 we married. We have been trying to get pregnant from that time. But of course no such luck, and my OBGYN would not help me out, but give me b/c pills, even though we were trying.

Nov. 4, 2010, After about 6 months of no AF, AF finally showed. She did not leave until the end of March 2011. I went to the hospital, due to the loss of blood, and they told me there is nothing wrong, no blood test, no u/s, no exam, no nothing. I almost gave up hope. I started researching the web on my own, and I thought I had symptoms of PCOS, but was unsure. We moved from Texas to Utah August 2011, and I decided to try another dr. I found one!

Actually, she is a FNP. I told her my symptoms and she asked me if I have ever been diagnosed with PCOS. I told her no. She ordered pelvic u/s, and blood work. No one has ever done this for me. Finally, today, Oct. 25, 2011, I got the word I have PCOS and a small uterine fibroid.

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