PCOS and 2 Children

im am new to the site here is my story.

I am 29 with pcos i have a 4 y old son that is my life.

I have been having problems with my peiords for years i was finally told i have pcos in 2003 . my hubby and myself started to try and have a baby in 2000 with no success . my ob/gyn did not know what was wrong until 2003 , with that being said i was told it would be very very hard for me to have a child ,and it was.

I started clomid in 2003 and ended may 2004 after no results i never ovulated at all i was so up set my ob wanted me to go to a ferality doc i was scared confused and just plain upset with myself. i decided to stop all meds and put my self in the hands of god and if he wanted me to have a baby then i would. well in dec of 2004 i had a peiord on the 14th ,then jan the some time on the 14th, and in feb it was on the 14th as well. that was very incommon for me to have one 3 months in a row. well march i did not have one at all i did not think nothing of it .

I just thought it was just me . at the end of march i started very very light spotting every other day i was like this is strange. i told a lady i worked with about it .the 1st thing out of her mouth was your preg .!!!!! i told her she was crazy i cant get preg . she told me just take a test and you will see. so i went and got one and it was poss i almost feel out in the floor . so i ran and told my hubby and all he said is dont lie to me about something like this . i told him hear is the test so 4 home tests and one doc vist later we new it was ment to be we were going to be parents.

Nov the 4th 2005 we became the proud parents of a 6lb 9 oz baby boy.

we are now trying to have one more baby no luck so far but we have hopes as i have hope for all of you to have babys.

thanks for reading my story kay

Want to connect with me? My name is kay1980 on the SoulCysters Message Board.

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