Hi my name is Lisa I am 24, and I was diagnosed with PCOS in April. I haven’t felt myself for about three years! I married in 1999 and had trouble concieving, however, eventually my daughter was born in Sept 2000, and I feel very lucky to have her.

When I was pregant I ballooned in weight and was concerned even though I ate healthy. I visited my GP several times and she just said to be patient and the diets would work after I had had the baby. (they never did!) she refused to refer me for any tests!

Eventually, I saw another GP by chance and he referred me for tests as I had terrible hair growth, no periods and gained more weight. I have been put on metoformin and I was also put on cyperatone acetate, However, I was just told that I have multiple cycsts on both ovaries and that I needed to lose weight!(as if I didn’t know) and to see him (the Consutlant) in three months, I have had no explanation as to how serious it is, my GP is still waiting for my notes to come through so he cannot explain!! and he took me off the cypertone as the hair growth seemed to worsen.

My husband will not discuss it (cries everytime I mention it, he is supportive of my diet though). I feel on my own but was glad to find this site to know I am not the only one going through this. My diet has been going well, but seems to have slowed down.

I would love to hear from anybody in the area that I could talk to as I am feeling very lonley.

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