I went to my gynecologists last month because my personal trainer suggested that I be tested for PCOS.

She suggested such because I weight 218 and for three months I have been working out five days a week, running about four miles(always been active), and eating 1200 calories a day and I have not lost one pound. I went to my gynecologist and she was almost positive that I have PCOS and the test results came back positive.

She then suggested I follow-up with an endocrinologist to get on metformin and to get my dosage right. However, I went to her and today and she is convinced that regardless of the test results that I do not have PCOS because I do not have the hair growth.

She then proceeded to give me a two month supply of metformin to see if anything happens but she doubt it would. I have no idea what to do now. Will I see any results after two months?

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