If I get a good chunk of this weight off by Fall, I might like to considered.

I have battled acne (took accutane) and had bad scars left (pits). I had treatments to tone down severe scarring (right now, doctor is still working on some left over hyperpigmentation from procedures).

I don’t have any good acne pix…but the doctor has before and after of scars.

I battle acne on a daily basis (mostly use various Rx from doctor to keep it under control).

I am having a heck of a time trying to lose weight…got plenty of the before pix.

Anyhoo…maybe that will help motivate me to keep doing the Joyce Vedrahl workout I just started last week. I am pathetic (can barely do some of them…and this is without the weights).

Hopefully tons of cysters will post stories. I would love to see people on Oprah.

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