i am 15 and was diagonsed september 2009 not a long time ago im looking for some inspiration i weighed in september 174 and i was 5 2” now its febuary and i weigh 160 and it is hard cuz i feel fat n ugly with all the hair im on birth control and its getting a LITTLE better

but i feel like no1 knows what im going through thats why i joined this cuz no1 in my family knows what im going through cuz they r skinny n non hairy n they dont sweat i also have sweating problems under my arms n i am very hairy n have dark spot on my neck n under my arms n alot of hair on my back n if u have any help for anything or just encouraging words for me it would help n i am currently cryin while im writin this so any plz help cuz i feel like the ugly duckling in my family n i hope the end turns out good

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