Hi Soulcysters

I was officially diagnosed with PCOS last year.

I self diagnosed about 4 years ago but my gyn. at that time dismissed it and said I didn’t have periods due to my weight and if I lost weight they would return. Lost weight still no periods so I stopped going to him and found someone new.

My new gyn. listened to me and did test and confirmed my suspisions.

I am taking Metformin 2 x a day (500 mg). Also since I have a history of no periods at all (no more than 2 x a year and very light) prior to getting on meds my Docotor prescribed Medroxyprogesterone for me to take every other month for 5 days to force a cycle.

Here’s my question which may sound silly to some, I am supposed to start the medroxyprogesterone today but I started my cycle today. Should I still take it?

Thanks for your help.

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