I’m a new poster but I’ve been an on and off lurker for a long time.

I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in 1997, when I was 21, but I had been exhibiting symptoms since at least age 15.

I never experienced regular periods, and have carried weight around my middle since puberty as well as extra hair; the classic PCOS symptoms.

I have had pregnancies, one of which I managed to carry to full term, that one I had lost 75 lbs doing LC and exercising. My boy is six years old now.

Most of the others were early miscarriages, I believe they were because of the PCOS hormone imbalances.

I dont’ remember the last time I had a natural period. Although, I did have another early miscarriage this summer, even though I had a tubal ligation after my son was born. (tubal ligation = biggest mistake ever however)

Currently, I’m 32, very overweight and ready to start fighting my PCOS again. I haven’t had the energy to fight it for a long time.

I’m on Met, and about to ask my doctor to increase my dosage. After monitoring my blood sugars for three days last week, I don’t think it’s doing enough and I’m going to end up with type 2 diabetes if I don’t act quickly.

I’ve started with the low carb dieting again, however not as strict as I have done in the past, I am trying to keep below 25-30 grams of carbs per meal, not 25-30 grams per day like I did when I lost the 75 lbs.

My current goal is to get my body healthy enough to get some regular periods.

I’m hoping to use natural methods, weight loss and exercise to accomplish this goal. I hope I can be of support to others.

Want to connect with me? My name is LisaBisa on the SoulCysters Message Board.