Hello, all, I’m 23, and I have PCOS. I got married when I was twenty, moving into the house my husband already owned. Maybe a year or so after moving in, I started to get tired all the time. We weren’t sure what was wrong, so I got tested for lots of stuff. Since my mom and at least one or two of her sisters have thyroid problems, we thought that might be the problem.

Eventually, we went to Dr. Kaul Kuldip (or Kuldip Kaul; I forget now, but NEVER go to him!) and he diagnosed me with PCOS. I’d never heard of it at the time, but when he described all the symptoms, I knew he was right. I’ve had acne since I was twelve (when I hit puberty), and had missed a period earlier that year, although I wasn’t pregnant. I had about 8 times the normal level of testosterone present in a woman my age and height.

Dr. Kuldip perscribed me Spironalact (sp?), and sent me on my way…oh, but not before trying to have a secretary draw my blood, then tying off my arm so tightly it nearly fell off. I really should have reported him right away, but I had other things on my mind.

I took Spironalact for a few months, noticing first off that my acne began clearing up. A little while later, I missed my period, and for about a week, when I woke up in the morning, I felt sick to my stomach, and would have to lay in bed for a few minutes before rising just to make sure I didn’t hurl.

So that Friday, I took a pregnancy test, and it turned out positive. I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! My husband and I were thrilled. Of course, we proceeded to find an OB/GYN and get me checked out formally. The woman confirmed that I was pregnant, but when she heard that I was taking Spironalact, she told me to quit it immediately. She informed me that taking that medication without also being on birth control could lead to birth defects.

Was I shocked? Yes. That meant one of two things about Dr. Kuldip: 1) he was incompetent and didn’t realize that he should also have put me on birth control (we had told him that we weren’t using any sort of contraception beforehand), or ; 2) he purposely didn’t tell me out of some malicious intent.

My husband thought it was the latter after our first visit to him (during which he was rude and physically hurt me when he took my blood), but I had been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (since he was nice during our second visit, when he perscribed me Spironolact). However, my husband’s mother was a long-time nurse (she recently retired), and she said that he might be racist and acting out on that.

This does not directly have anything to do with PCOS, but I feel that I should mention it just in case anyone else out there ends up facing something similar. I’m African-American, my husband is mixed but looks black, and his mother is black. As a black nurse who worked during times of prejudice, she said she used to be afraid that white doctors and nurses might be out to get her, but found that it was actually Arabic (she may have said Muslim) doctors to watch out for.

I’m not trying to be racist, so please don’t misunderstand me. I have and have had friends of many different ethnic backgrounds, and some of them have been Muslim. However, there will always be some people out there of a different ethnicity, belief system, or country, or whatever who just aren’t going to like “you and your kind”. Now it’s one thing if they don’t like you, and quite another if they decide to do something about it. But I digress.

The Lord used the evil that man did and chose to bless us with a child. Our sweet daughter was born April 2007, 6 1/2 lbs., 19 inches. She seemed healthy, although she did have a minor birth defect (which I will not mention, just in case she might be embarrassed in the future). She is now almost 19 months old, 34″ tall, and very bright and very active. In short, she’s healthy.

Now, however, I want another baby. I have a doctor’s appointment later this month with Dr. Allon in Houston, TX (dr allon . com), I’m switching to an IR diet, and have made arrangements to begin a rigorous workout program. We’ve let this problem go largely untreated for too long, and now it’s time to get serious. Don’t give up, ladies!

I’m dropping Dr. Kuldip’s name so much because I don’t want anyone who lives in the Houston area to go to him and be subject to that sort of “doctoring.” With doctors like that, who needs assassins?

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