Hello everyone,

How is everyone doing? Well my name is Nicole i am 20 years old and its about 2:08 am central time. Just about hours ago i was told that i have pcos. i have been looking it up online for a little bit and before they told me i had it i was put on metformin and have been on for about 2 months. i dont know what to think or do. me and my husband have been married and trying to have a baby before he leave to go over sea again and i would love to make that happy for him and myself. i feel like when i was a kid my mom let me down but not going to get me help for this i mean they put me on yaz but that did not do anything. tomorrow i am going to obgyn to see what i can do for myself and my family. i want to know more about how other people find out what they did to get over it. right now i feel so hopeless and i dont know anyone that has this and i know my husband is upset cause every single wife that is married and there husband are in the same unit are all having babys and i know thats what he really want he is older then me and i feel like i cant give it to him..

i would love to talk to more women about it

thank you

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