I am a 16 year old girl and have been diagnosed with PCOS 2 months ago.

My story: when i first got my period i was 12, my breasts started developing when i was 10 when none of the girls in my age had them, when i was 13 i started having excessive hair on my face and body and it was really embarssing. My breasts grew out real quickly that at the age of 13 i had a breasts that most 16-17 girls didnt have, i now wear D cups bras ( almost all of my first and second degree girl relatives have big breasts) at that time i also realized that i was always sleepy and tired and had little energy.at 14 years old i started having horrible acne and i started to sleep a lot and it never seemed to be enough. Finally, when i was diagnosed with pcos in the age of 15.

How pcos made me suffer:
•it made it hard for me to lose weight, although i ate real little and walked 30 min 3 times a week (walking is hard for me because i have severe flat foot and i reach a certain point when i walk where my foot pain is unbearable and i cannot continue walking, i cant have my surgery till im 18)
•the excessive hair on my body and face made me feel like a boy
•i am still trying to get rid of my acne
•i get depressed a lot and most of the time it was for no reason
It made me suffer in many more things but those are the things it made me suffer with most

I might also have hypothyroidism (i have a family history of thyroid diseases) because i have many of its sympyoms, im taking the tests soon

I am 146 pounds, my doc put me on metformin 500g 3 times daily. I already lost 6 pounds, i hope to lose more, i want to reach 120 pounds

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