Hi. I was dx way back in 1999 but I just came to the boards. I’ve been on BC and aldactone for many, many years and I just started Metformin last week, not to get pregnant as my husband and I don’t want kids, just to get healthier and hopefully stop the intensive carb cravings I’ve had my entire life. Which, I am certain also contributed to my 18 years of bulimia.

I completely cut out flour and sugar 2 years ago. My husband was in the hospital for a burst appendix in July and I had a sandwich because it was easy and convenient. It was all over after that. Massive cravings ensued. Today, I am once again trying to stop flour/sugar and with Metformin, I am doing much, much better. Hope to be completely off within the next couple of days. It makes me unbearably sad, this lack of control.

Wish me luck. I could really use it.

Want to connect with me? My name is sophie1 on the SoulCysters Message Board.