Hello All, I am not sure where to start with this. I have been reading over different threads the past few days and well becoming very over whelmed.

I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 06 or 07 when I was 17 years old. But my grandma insisted that I had this condition she heard about for years before that. But lets back up a bit. I hit puberty and never got my periods so I taken to an ob at age 15.

I was put though vigorous testing and CTs and MRIs to no eval….I was told I had a tumor on my ovary, but the doctor was unable to see it in through all those tests. I was told we had to operate as soon as possible. Pretty much being an exploratory surgery, I was terrified.

In my fog of coming out of surgery I was told the tumor was a baseball sized removed from my left ovary and he also found I had my appendix burst and the toxins congeal into a mass, instead of being released into my body, I was told I was VERRRY lucky that happen or I wouldn’t be here. Went to see dr after full recovery and I was told to give my body a few month to let itself heal and my periods would start. Well it never happen and at this point I was moving out of state and lost all insurance.

Was in another state I didn’t know, no insurance and no doctors. Lived there for almost 2 years and this is when I started to see a lot of the signs of PCOS. I had already had the unwanted hair. Specially facial hair that we tried electrolysis on (about 6 very painful sessions) to no eval back around my surgery time.

I also had a 2 dozen skin tags removed from my neck. I was noticing the darkening of skin, under my arms and around my neck and ankles and groin area. So now I am almost 17 going back it AZ and seeing a doctor for why I still have not had a period. Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes from blood work done. Now going to see a OB again and Diagnosed with PCOS. Having no idea the two were connected at the time.

I did my reaseach and thought okay well now I have to live like a lobster for the rest of my life, I can’t have sugar and I wont ever have kids. Been to too many doctors since then and am in no better of a boat than i was then. Now I am 22. I do not do well with the diabetes thing. I love my soda. Can’t seem to get away from it.

I dont have the will power. Everything else I am okay with. I have been on a handful of different birth controls and not liking the way the make me feel so I stop them and deal with the fact that I don’t have periods. And asking my dr if it does harm to my body not having them. Which I was lied to about. I have been on both metphormin and er met with bad results.

My tummy cannot take the drug. And now reading the threads on here there were things I could of done to make it go smoother that I wasn’t aware of back then. Until I stumbled upon this site I never knew PCOS was so connected with EVERYTHING to do with being a human being I guess you can say. I am just baffled and very over whelmed.

So as of now. I currently have no insurance. I am on NO meds. And am not on any kind of diet. I am 5’4 I weigh 170 give or take. And I am a size 9 jeans. I have not have a period in over 8 months. Until about 2 weeks ago I started bleeding (after feeling HORRIBLE for 3 days) but I was only bleeding MAYBE a tsp all day. I would of called it more spotting than anything, but it lasted a good 5 days.

This is my story. I am just trying to reach out and see what others think and can help. I KNOW i need a change in diet really bad, i need to find the will power (and money) to be able to do that. My mood swings are horrible. I’ve been told by loved ones I can be straight up MEAN, with no intentions of doing so what so ever. I also feel like absolute dog poo a good 1-2 days a week if not more.

Thanks for reading this!!! Much appreciated and willing to hear what you all have to say.

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