Here is my story.

Its starts when I was very young. I was in the 5 grade when I got AF for the first time, I was also very developed at this age I was already in a C cup bra. I was isolated from my peer group they all thought I had been heald back a few times. But life got easier for me as my peers caught up to me.

By the time I was in High School I was a “normal” teen. But AF never came regular. I did not see this as a problem because hey who wants AF. I did not know that this was a sign that something was wrong with me. Well by the time I was 19 I was overweight had facial hair, AF never visted me, and overall I know some thing was wrong.

So I went to see my gyn about it. And she told me it was a weight issue and to lose a few pounds. Well know one likes to hear that so I just wrote her off as a quack and never went back. About this time I was having bad back pains so I went to see a back dr. He took some X-rays and said there was nothing wrong with my back but he gave me some pain pills. Well about a week after I seen him, he called me back and told me that they have found and unidentifiable mass in my X-ray and need to go in for an ultrasound right away.

I did and all the dr. told me from my results that it was not a cancer mass and not to worry about it. At the time I did not know it was cysts in my overiers. Well finally I went to see my family dr. and he took all my past medical history and the new results of the US and put two and two together he told me I need to be tested for PCOS. That is how I found out. But little did I know that my battles were just starting.

I found what I thought was a good gyn. When I went to see him, he put me on BC pills and told me to come back and see him when i was ready to get PG. In march of 2002 when I went back to see him because I was read to start ttc. He told me to try on my own for a year and get back with him. So I asked him what kind of meds was he going to put me on while ttc.

He told me nothing because some woman out grown PCOS I was crushed that he could be so dumb and willing to send me out with no meds. I know what like is like with untreated PCOS. So I got serious and found an RE who is great. I have to drive 2 hours to see him but it is worth it. He put me on Clomid in April and when I went back after my first round I found out that I had ovulated but was not pg.

But that was ok because atleast I had ovulated and even more exicting than that was when i seen him in April he showed me all the cysts in my overies. But when I went back in my to US showed I did not have any cysts at all they were all gone. YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!! So my story turns out to be a great one and I know in time I will get the bundle of joy I am trying for.


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