don’t want to bore everyone.

Well ever since i first got my period when i was 13/14 it never was regular. I thought this was normal due to just getting it and it wasn’t regular yet but it continued on only getting my period once a yr or maybe twice a yr. I eventually was referred to a gyno when i was about 15/16 after having a bleed that lasted for 16 days which they gave me the pill to take and that kept everything regular.

I then got with Rick and stopped taking the pill August 2003. I kept forgetting to take it anyway from April 2003 onwards so figured id give up coz i did want a baby. I was 18.
Nothing happened while having unprotected sex til May, 2004 when i conceived Skye. I still don;t know how it happened when i didn’t get a period. But i was 12weeks when i found out i was pregnant so happy!

Still had period problems with many drs visits with them telling me that it must be just my body etc. I pursisted with them. I then found out i was pregnant with Jordan in October 2006 which was another miracle really seeing as i didnt have a period. After Skye i think i saw 2 periods.

I was 8weeks gone. They said i had just missed a period and caught the egg

so after Jordan i still had problems with my cycle or lack of cycle LOL and i kept hearing about PCOS so i looked it up and realised i had about every symptom so i pushed them to check for that. Eventually i told them to do an u/s and there it was an excess of 20 follicles in the ovary when there’s meant to be about 10 in each. Enlarged ovaries. Period problems such as big clots and when it did come it wouldnt stop.

So here iam now again and i depserately want another baby so im now on Metformin. Ive taken my second dose and already been sitting on the toilet argh!!!! Does it get better?

Thanks for reading if you did.

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