Endocrinologist Diagnosed Me With PCOS

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Hello I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago.

When I was 13 I got my period very heavy for 3 months straight, and the dr put me on the birth control pill, no tests or anything. I took the pill right up until the time I was 21 without any problems, and then I thought it was time that I should try to get off of them, since I had been on them so many years. I didn’t get another period for 3 years, I gained about 60 pounds, started growing facial hair, and knew something had to be wrong.

I went to a new dr who referred me to an endocrinologist who ultimately diagnosed me with PCOS. When I 1st started on an OCP about 9 months ago my testosterone level was like in the 130’s, which I guess is just on the low side for males…

I have been on metformin 1000mg and a birth control pill since, and my level is now like 12. I just got married in September, and since I don’t know if I will struggle with infertility, have decided to start trying next month. I will actually be starting my 1st cycle of 50mg Clomid next week! While I am very excited, I have been trying to lose weight for about a year now, and haven’t been successfull and I feel like I may be a little too heavy to be starting a pregnancy. I am 5’10” and about 240 lbs, and I just dont feel healthy…but Im worried if I put it off until Im a little thinner, that it may never happen…so here I go.

Has anyone that has been on Clomid had any side effects from it? Im always alittle sensitive to medication, and Im wondering what effects this med will have on me…

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