I have been on bcps since I was almost 17 years old. Prior to bcps I had an irregular period and a very messy one.

I had fainting spells and sleep issues and yet no one seemed to think anything was wrong with me. I was on bcps for approximately 11 years. There were periods of time when I was down right awful about taking the pills regularly and I never got pregnant. I was always relieved because although I had a serious boyfriend, I was young and in college and had many career goals.

Last year, I changed jobs and the new job’s insurance did not cover bc, so after talking with my doctor we decided the most cost effective route would be to implant a Mirena IUC. I stopped having periods immediately after implantation and within six months started noticing massive hair loss. I went to the doctor and she ran blood tests and discovered my testosterone was high, but she didn’t seem overly concerned and suggested I was just going through a hair shedding cycle.

I felt like the problem was the Mirena as that was the only change in my life. In Feb 08 I had the Mirena removed. I had one normal period and as of September no others. I went back to the doctor and she suggested I have PCOS and ran several blood tests. She confirmed that my hormones were reversed, the testosterone was high and that I infact do have PCOS. She did not do a sonogram or any other testing. She asked if I wanted to try to conceive, and if so to go on Met and if not to go back on bcps. She treated the whole thing very nonchalantly and in fact everything I know now, I know from internet research, mainly Soulcysters.

I am just one week in on the met and am on day three of a very heavy menstrual cycle. I find the timing of starting the met and the cycle more than a coincidence, even though its only been one week. I am over weight, but not obese, or at least I don’t want to call myself obese. I am not a sweets eater, nor am I a healthy eater, but I have noticed I have a significantly harder time losing weight than most people I know.

I have also noticed since stopping the bcps increased skin issues, hair on my abdomen and my upper thighs and bikini line… plus, I feel like I have to shave my armpits and legs twice as often as ever before. Not any one symptom in and of itself triggered me or my doctor to consider PCOS, but when i put them all together it is so obvious. Thanks to the board for being here for support and for questions. I am going to have a million questions…

Thank you for listening.

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