I just learned late last year that my “female problems” were caused by PCOS. My periods had been irregular since I began them at 14. Doctor after doctor told me I would “grow out of it”. When I turned 19 my gyno decided to do a laproscopy to see if I had endometriosis.

At the time I had severe cramps along with the irregular menses. Turns out there were no signs of endometriosis, but he took my appendix and drained a cyst on my right ovary. So years go by, still don’t know what is causing it. I go to different doctors who don’t have any answers.

Finally I meet a doctor who decides to have me take the glucose test. The results come back insulin resistant. He tells me I am pre-diabetic. So I tell my regular doctor and he has me do a different blood test, and his results say I am not. So then…..who do I believe?

So I switch to yet another ob/gyn and she has me retested. Turns out I am insulin resistant. Then she orders an internal sonogram and I finally get my diagnosis. Husband and I decided to start trying for children about three months ago. My doctor puts me on Metformin, and I quit taking it after a few weeks. It was making me sick and giving me headaches.

So at the end of the three months I go back in for my checkup. I admit to the doc I haven’t been taking the meds because they made me sick. She tells me she wants me to commit to taking them everyday for another three months before she refers me to a fertility specialist.

Also I am bascially losing blood at a very extreme rate (kinda gross I know, but hey it’s part of the issue). My doctor becomes concerned, tells me I can die from that, and promptly puts me on Provera and iron suplements and orders an emergency sonogram. I get the internal sonogram and it determines that the lining of my uterus was extermely thick, (hadn’t had a period since March and this was July) which apparently is a breeding ground for cancer cells.

So she tells me to finish the Provera (months supply) and schedule another internal sonogram at the end of the prescription (this will be around August 12th). If it is still as thick even with the continuous (yes every day for a month ) bleeding she wants to do a biopsy. All this while my husband and I are trying to conceive! So in the mean time I feel like a drug addict with the 1500mg of metformin, 2 pills of provera, the prenatals, and the iron pills. I’m toughing out the tummy issues and headaches because I am hoping it will help all the issues. So that is my story up to today.

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