Until the age of about 8 I was considered very skinny and doctors were always telling me to gain weight. From 8 until about 13 my parents and the doctors were relieved that I was filling out.

Then at 13 my mom encouraged me to go on my first diet. When I was about 9 or 10 my Dr. referred me to a neurologist because my parents were worried that my “daydreaming” might be a sign of petit mal epilepsy. The EEG was normal. I started getting AF 2 months before I turned 13 and they were about 6 weeks apart with heavy bleeding and cramping.

When I was 27 I went to a gynacologist for birth control. I told her about my irregular AF and she gave me my first Rx for BCP. She also did a random glucose test (I had eaten lunch a couple hours before) which was high. I was also about 30 lbs overweight at the time. I had problems with Levelen and Loestrin which made breakthrough bleeding and mood swings worse.

I was put on Mircette which made my cycles normal for the first time in my life. After 2 more high random glucose tests, I was sent for a 3 hour GTT which showed high-normal between hours 1 and 2 and high between 2 and 3. I went on Weight Watchers, and made sure to eat at regular intervals.

I immediately noticed an increase in my energy level and a lessening of the fogginess after meals (perhaps the “daydreaming” my parents noticed). I lost 30 lbs and have been a lifetime member in good standing since April 2001. I think the Mircette normalized my testosterone enough to make weight loss possible.

I went off BCP in April 2001 to TTC and my first 5 cycles were normal, 30-35 days. Then in October I noticed a continual spotting and my BBT stayed low. My gynacologist gave me a transvaginal U/S and told me I had polycystic ovaries and was given Provera to control the spotting. Since then I have been on Provera 2 more times and I haven’t ovulated in almost 4 months.

Here’s the surprising thing. I just started seeing an endocrinologist whose area of research is PCOS. She just did a whole bunch of bloodwork and said that my weight loss totally corrected my IR and my cholestorol is great, 170. But my T4 and Free Testosterone are slightly high so I’ve been given Synthroid which she thinks will get me ovulating again. I’m hoping that this will be enough to get my hormones normal enough to get me pg but if not I will try Clomid.

I’d rather correct my overall problem, rather than part of it. Clomid is only a temporary solution which I will only try as a last resort. Synthroid seems more permanent and long term.

It is thanks to the internet and especially this board that I was able to have all these resources in helping me get well.

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