Hi everyone, I’m Becca.

As I hit my mid-teens, my periods became extremely heavy and painful, and then suddenly I’d skip them, until I’d go months without one. Into my twenties I’d go up to a year without having one, and my doctors did blood tests which told me absolutely nothing. I was told it was possibly I might have PCOS, but my blood tests didn’t show it. The older I got, the more weight I gained and the worse cravings I would get for carbs.

It didn’t matter how much I’d watch what I ate or how much I’d exercise, I’d never lose anything. My husband was very worried, and upset with my doctors, because he knew exactly what my lifestyle was like and knew something was wrong, but I was told to just cut back on what I ate and exercise more.

After we’d been married 4 years, I decided to see a fertility specialist as we hadn’t been able to have children yet and my periods were pretty much once every 5 months. He mentioned PCOS in passing, did a load of tests, but said I only had one cyst on one ovary, so it wasn’t a big deal. My insurance changed before we began treatments, and I didn’t seek treatment again until this summer.

My periods were horrific when they came, and still infrequent. I was gaining weight again and was totally exhausted all the time. My hair was falling out from the top of my head and steadily becoming thicker and growing in everywhere else. My most recent primary doctor had even lectured me on my lack of self control for eating, because as far as she was concerned, that had to be the cause.

I selected a GYN from my insurance plan and hoped for the best. The very first thing she said to me was, I think you’ve got PCOS. We discussed my history, she wanted to run tests, talked to me about my hopes in having children, etc. The ultrasound this time showed that not only were both of my ovaries completely covered, but there are 2 cysts that have grown and may have attached to my fallopian tubes that may need to be dealt with later.

She also did a hysteroscopy and D&C on me to biopsy my lining and clean it out. What I really like about her as well is that whatever information about PCOS she didn’t know off the top of her head, she pulled out the information and reviewed it in front of me to discuss.

My GYN set me up on a twice daily course of Metformin 500mg, then a few months later increased it to three times a day. To help prevent the lining from building up, I take a 2 week course of Provera every month for 6 months. I have changed nothing about my diet and have lost almost 30lbs since I began the Metformin. I even lost weight during the holidays.

And my cravings for carbs completely went away within a few months of starting the Metformin. I am still exhausted much of the time, and the Provera makes it even worse when I have to take it, but I feel so much more hope now. I go back for a follow-up visit in a few weeks as well as looking at when to start Clomid treatments and possibly increasing my Metformin. My doctor told me she seriously doubts I’ll be able to conceive on my own without at least Clomid, which is better than being told it’s not possible at all.

I have been reading every book I can find on PCOS, and searching online for info and suggestions. I have been particularly interested in supplements. I’ve picked up saw palmetto (to try and counteract the hair loss/hair growth/testosterone issues), vitex & inositol. I’m very curious about the D-chiro, but as it’s so expensive I’ve been more hesitant to try it out.

Anyway, I would love to make some friends on here.

Want to connect with me? My name is RVining2001 on the SoulCysters Message Board.