I was Diagnosed with pcos in 2008. But i always knew there was something wrong with me.

I started my period when i was 12 years old and shortly after i started i noticed i wasn’t regular like my freinds so i just dealt with it and thought it was cool at the time because i hated them then in 2005 i went to the gyno for the first time bc i had a period that lasted two months.. well when i went to the doctor he did all these blood tests and put me on all these medications he wouldn’t even tell me what was wrong with me.

The last few years i have had maybe 3 periods and in 2008 i finally got a new doctor and he told me right away what i had it was so nice to finally know what i had and how to control it. I just currently got back on my medication (metformin) I have taken it for a month now so now i am just waiting to see what happens..I am really praying it gets things started because i am 22 and married and would really love to start a family.

Ever since i learned i had this it amazed me at how many people actually have this disease but out of all the people i have met personally who have this i am the only one with no periods.. It makes me happy I found this site because if i ever have a question it can be answered on here from people who actually have it

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