When I was young I had phnamonia alot and was put on steroids, I always blamed this for me being chunky as a child (thin till 5 then chubby till 11 then thin for a few years)

After 8th or 9th a ballooned out and was chubby again, I have never really eaten alot and I was playful and some what active so my size has always been a shock to me. Last year after just starting to try to have kids the first month I had a positive HPT or so I thought then a few days later I started to bleed thinking it was a miscarriage I called an OBGYN.

I had never been to one before and I was 21. i go there and take a test and get my first check up and the dr said I was never pregnant but that I have PCOS. I had all of the physical symtoms but none with AF she was always 3 days past the last one I had. I was givin provera and clomid, which I never took and this year when me and my hubby desided to try again I fell pregnant the first time for real.

I ended up loosing it a month ago march 1st, my dr isnt the greatest and I didnt know I needed pregestern to help the baby survive (I do now but there is no changing the past). I havent started yet I am like 4 days late and I fear that becomeing pregnant may have caused my PCOS to worsen, can this happen.

Also how bad did I really have it before, sence I had the physical signs but not the AF ones?

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