So this is going to be a long story. I have posted here a few times quite a while ago. I started my period when I was 10 years old, I was like the second girl in my class. So I was always overweight, as I got older I got heavier.

In freshmen year in college I was diagnosed with PCOS October 2003 after I read an article in Redbook and asked my doctor about it. I gained a few more pound until Christmas then after Christmas I started Metformin the first time, and lost 45lbs in about 6 months, then in November of 2004 I had my Gallbladder out.

I was still on Metformin, and still having horrible diarrhea. It got a little bit better as the next summer came and that Summer I lost another 25 pounds so I was down 70 lbs. I was happy with the weight loss. But I decided on going off the metformin because I was just not comfortable on it anymore.

So I went back to 45-60 days in between my periods. I was fine with that because then it was at least a schedule, and I was pretty sure that I was ovulating. Then this summer I went to 36 days and had that 3 cycles in a row, but the actual period lasted longer up to 15 days.

So the doctor prescribed progesterone. So I had my first cycle on the progesterone, and it was the heaviest I ever had, and it lasted about 9 days. Which isn’t much of an improvement I almost want to go back to the 50 some days in between. Plus I also seem to have less energy, and I have been getting HS problems that I haven’t had in years.

Oh and I have gained the 70 lbs back over the last 2-3 years as well. Pretty much since I stopped the Metformin. Any Comments would be great, suggestions on how to handle this. The best thing is that I have a very understanding boyfriend.

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