Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 9 years ago, and have been consistently 60-80 lbs overweight since I was 21.

In January of this year I was chosen to be one of the Top 20 in a Total Makeover Challenge through a local gym, and finally found the right combo for me of food, exercise and supplements to finally lose weight. I’ve lost 21 lbs and almost FIFTY inches. 14″ off my abdomen alone – wow.

It feels amazing. My other PCOS symptoms are improving too – my skin is less oily and not as many breakouts. I am not as tired or achy. It’s so awesome.

I’m in the last round of the challenge now and it’s down to me and five other ladies. There is an aspect of public voting that goes until this coming Wednesday, May 12th at midnight.

If you’d like to listen to a short video speech of my journey and want to show your support by voting, you can check out my blog at fitnesschallenge.rebeccag.ca and all the details are there. PCOS can be overcome! I’ve lost just under 10% of my body weight and the symptoms are improving for the first time in years.


Want to connect with me? My name is poigle on the SoulCysters Message Board.