well i have been the fat, hairy girl for as long as i can remember, i started shaving my legs around the 4th grade, my mom showing me mostly because she was tired of seeing me come home in tears after gym class.

my mom did everything she could to help me with my hairy upper lip but even at a young age it was dark and nothing worked mostly because my skin was so sensitive. i didnt get my first period until i was a freshman in high school. around that time was when i was first “tested” for PCOS. they did all kinds of blood work, and said my levels were alittle high but just chalked the hairiness to genetics, and said there was nothing they could do for me.

fast forward to around 2004 i am “tested” again, the dr tells me that although i have most of the symptoms, but after an internal ultra sound they didnt see any cysts so again all my symptoms were chalked up to genetics. it is also around this time i was diagnosised with asthma .

i gained quite a bit of weight due to some personal problems and the asthma meds. the dr sent me to another dr after allergy testing and an exam i was scedualed to have my tonsils adnoids, uvula (the hangie thing at the back of your mouth) and polyups in my sinuses taken out. after this is all done idk if it is related or not but i notice my hair started to fall out.

fast forward to this year, my AF has been MIA for at least a year, and that was just spotting when i was addmitted to the hospital for a major asthma attack and the drs put me on a diabetic diet and gave me insulin (because i was on so many steroids) i have hair where no woman should ever have any hair, however from the neck down i can use nair to remove it, although there are times i do have a slight reaction, but thats better than hair. i have a bald spot but wear my hair hup to cover it. i have “awesome” skin tags in my under arms and as i gain more weight ive noticed that a few are sprouting up in my neck, oh yay. but…..

i was finally diagosed and have a dr willing to help me, its still hard it seems i am fighting a never ending battle with medical costs and the cost of meds too. she told me the type of diet to try, and i feel good, i still have all the same problems however its nice to know what is wrong with me and that there is hope that some of the symptoms can be treated, when the past drs said it was genetics i felt there was no hope at all.

and better yet i have a great support system, my SIL and BFF have also been diagnosised with PCOS and i found this site, it feels really good to know i am not alone.

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