Hey Ladies.

Well I finely decided to join a forum to talk to some other women about PCOS, besides my husband because he doesn’t understand at all.

Ok, I’m twenty years old, I’ll tell you how I found out I had PCOS first.

So, I was always on BC because I got my period on my 8th birthday, and for about 4 years had difficult cramping, one month i would get it the next i wouldn’t, then i would have it for 9 10 11 days. So when i was 12 they decided to put me on BC. I was NEVER a heavy person, I was all about cheer leading, and sports and that continued thought my life.

I have always noticed little things here and there that worried me, but i just thought that’s how God made me. Hair on my chin, and stomach ect. Thyroid enlargement, and nothing wrong with it.

The summer of my senior year is when the crap hit the fan. I gained over 70+ lbs in 3 months!!!! No one could tell me what was going on. I didnt change about my life. Still cheerleading and it seemed it came from no where and was mostly around my stomach. WEIRD.

I got depressed Thank God my husband was with me, the hair got worse, and i got drepressed.

So fast forward. I delt with it, had no choice, couldnt not for the life of me lose any weight.

My husband was home on Bootleave and I got pregnant. AWESOME we were so happy. Well i had a misscarriage at 6 weeks. Thats when things got worse. Cramping, Pain, every thing got so much worse so i tought something went wrong with the misscarriage. NOPE. Did some tests, took a look at my oviaies. I have PCOS, and now that i was off BC all the sympotms were coming out. It was kinda controled by the BC.

So now I’m even more depressed. Im not on any treatment, “waiting for the insurance to go through with the Military” Im in constant pain, the hair is crazy, I dont want to do anything but sleep I feel like im discusted with myself. As of now i weigh around 230, i used to weight 130, idk what to do.

Sorry so long, but id liked to talk to some of you, so i can get some ideas of good treatments and ideas to help me with this.

I hope someone can HELP.

Thank You,


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