Okay so let me tell you my story. My name is Jamie. I have always been on the heavy side. Well when I was in high school I hit the 200 mark. I went from 210 to 220 and stayed there all 4 years.

Now that I am out of school (I graduated in 07) I weigh 256 and I am 5’6. I always blamed my weight on my family because my dads side of the family is BIG. I started my period when I was in 6th grade. I cant remember really but I think that they were always irregular. I know for sure in high school they were. For the past couple years I’ve only had like 3 a year. When they come though its terrible.

Okay so other than being heavy and missed periods I also have dark skin patches, acne, moles-skin tags, excessive hair, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol which I also thought was because of my dads family. So I never really thought that It could have been anything thing else. My mom had taking me to the doctor for the darkness under my arms and between my legs they said it was some kind of bacterial thing and gave me a prescription for a high dosage antibiotic. It did not help. I was also sent to a dermatologist up at St. Louis university and still nothing.

2 years ago right after high school is when me and my fiance now got together. We had been having unprotected sex pretty much since we got together. I thought I was pregnant all the time. I took home tests went to the ER, but nothing. I still didn’t know I was sick. I could of sworn on my life I was pregnant though.

SO finally in December of 08 I had to go to the ER I was doubled over with abdomen pain and I was bleeding what looked to be my insides. I called my mom and she went with me. They doc did a pelvic exam and all kinds of stuff was coming out he said it looked old. The nurse that was in there was the one to give me my papers and send me home. She explained to me that she thought I had PCOS and that I needed to get checked out. She said that I looked like I had not been having periods that I would build a lining and not drop an egg so then nothing would get fertilized so no period then the next month the same thing and again and again until finally I would have a period and I would shed ALL those linings and that’s why I was in such a bug deal of pain because it was working to break it all down.

At the beginning of December of 09 I made an appointment with a sliding scale doctor because I don’t have insurance. At an appointment before she had asked me about birth control pills and I told her I didn’t need them I had PCOS and she said she knew I did by looking at me. She asked if I wanted to be on metformin and I said no because I wasn’t sure what it was. SO anyhow when I went to her in December I said that I wanted to be on metformin and she prescribed me 500mg twice a day. I took them once a day to get used to them and then I got off track and took them like here and there. I have started them again once a day like a week ago.

A couple days ago I decided to take 2 and it made me sicker then a dog. I don’t really understand how met works or what it does with sugar. I kind of think it bottomed my sugar out or something because it made me feel like I was going to pass out. I am still taking them though.

I am trying my best to do as much research that I can but it seems like the more I look and look the more I found out that is terrible. Its really hard because I really have no one to talk to about it. They all say don’t worry about it. It will be fine you will have a baby when god wants you to. I want a baby more than anything and it really upsets me when they say that. I would rather them say nothing at all. I really love this website though there are so many women who are going through the same thing and I hope that we will all just be like a big family.

Well I hope that wasn’t just a big mess. Please someone give me some advice. I’m about to lose my mind. Anything would help and would be greatly appreciated.

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