Hi everyone!

First, let me start with a little background. I’m 42 and a single mom to two teenagers. I’m an EMT (stressful at times) and work crazy hours.

In the past year, I had two deaths in my family in a 3 month span. Back in June 2011, I noticed my hair thinning a bit. I figured stress from job and deaths in the family. I decided to see my doctor and he ran bloodwork.

Testosterone was slighty high at 49, estrogen was extremely low at 22, and A1C was 5.7. Everything esle was normal. He wanted to do an ultrasound of my ovaries and everything looked perfect. My periods are normal and like clock work. He said I have a “mild” case of pcos. Mild? What is that? I don’t have acne or facial or body hair, no skin tags.

My mom is a RN and she believes this is perimenopause due to the fact of my age. Me, I have no clue! My testosterone at last check in January was low end of normal and A1C is perfect. Estrogen is still low though. I have lost 40 lbs in three months and 15 away from goal weight. I don’t know what to think. Any help or advice? Thanks everyone.

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