Hey everyone. I am Jessica. A 21 year old female weight is at 270. Mother of a 2 year old. I was diagnosed with PCOS on November 13, 2008. I went for my routine pap smear which when I had it done, it had been 2 years since my last. I have not had insurance until just recently and just lost it again… With not having insurance, I am not able to go to my doctor to get some answers. I thought I could turn to you all for some advice and your opinions.

Heres my story

After my pap, my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound. Oddly enough, it stated my ovaries appeared polycystic. One cyst on my left ovary is 27mm and clear fluid. One on my right ovary is 29mm and complex. She basically said they don’t know what it is. It could be a cyst, tumor or cancer. I have to get a follow up ultrasound to see where they are after 6 weeks.

For the time being she put me on birth control and metformin 1000mg at night. I so far have been dieting because she said I have type 2 diabetes (I am not sure if I agree since my blood work came back normal. I just assumed I have an insuline resistance problem and still dieting.)

About a week ago I started getting extremely bad cramps. One side at a time, on and off. Til this day, I am still getting them. I also have brown discharge and some spotting. I am not sure what this is caused from. Very concerned and not sure what to do. I don’t know if my body is adjusting to the medicine or if something medically is wrong…

Some questions I am trying to get advice and opinions on is:

Where do I post concerns and qustions?
In a blog, here, need some help navigating…

What is a complex cyst?
How often does it come out to being cancer or a tumor?

What could my brown discharge and spotting be caused from?

Why am I cramping so bad and what can I do to help? (I never use to get cramps during my period)

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