Hi I am new to this site but not so new to PCOS

Diagnosis Story
I am 30 and was (technically) diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago.

I say technically because my family doc didnt know anything about PCOS so although I went to her about all sorts of PCOS symptoms, at her wits end she sent me to a specialist who at first visit diagnosed me with PCOS (although she didnt tell me she yold me to go to my family doc and sent her the results) My family doc pulled the file and told me I was diabetic and to take Metformin ( I knew after a kajillion blood tests trying to find out what was wrong with me I wasnt Diabetic and didnt take the metformin)

Fast forward 2 years and I had an 8 month period that wouldnt stop so I went back to my doc (same office new doc, old one retired) who asked me if I was taking my metformin, I said no because I am not diabetic she read my file (leeter from the specialist that previous doc didnt read all the way) and said your supposed to be taking it for PCOS Ahaaa!!!! Finally!

TTC – Fertility meds and Treatments
Fast forward another year and a bit, my beautiful husband and I want to start a family.

Clomid x 3 a day x 6 months all = No ovulation

Femara x 2 a day = Ovulation Finally! wow 3 follies (Doc gets nervous puts me back down to 1) Femara + timed x 5 months = BFN

Cycle 1: Puregon x 75iu – 200iu + ogulutron (over a 6-7 week period, TG for Benefits) + IUI B2B = Ovidrel (4 follies) BFN

At Christmas I increased my dose of Metformin to 3000 and started a low carb diet and have lost 5lbs for the first time in 10 years

Cycle 2: Puregon x 175iu for 2 weeks = Ovidrel (3 Follies) + IUI B2B = BFN

Also on Cycle 2 my estrogen was low and was dropping before I induced ovulation? Doctor was clueless and balked at the idea of combining Femara with Puregon, (like a read online) I figured since Femara worked so well on me that maybe this was a good idea? Well she still wanted to keep me on puregon until said I wanted to get a second opinion so she suggested Menopur?

Help I am frusterated dont know if I am getting the runaround at this point I just want to do IVF as I dont think IUI’s are for me, Plus I want to find a better Fertility Clinic (Toronto, Brampton area)

I need Cysterly advice!

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