Here is my story. At age 9 I had my left ovary removed (unilateral oophorectomy). I likely had a cyst on it at that time (despite not menstruating until age 13) which caused torsion. Painful periods until age 18 at which point I went on BCP. On BCP until marriage at age 29. Many cysts ruptured during this time despite being on varying types of BCPs.

TTC since going off BCP. No luck. Serious pain in my lower right pelvic region almost daily. This was ongoing when on BCP too, but much less frequent. I’m sick of the pain. Doctors make it seem like the pain is all in my head. Pain increases with movement. I saw a RE in April who dx with PCOS.

At that time I had 18 cysts on my one ovary and it was enlarged. Blood tests were normal for diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol levels. No hormone tests have been conducted for reasons I don’t understand. That RE wanted to do a lap to look for adhesions and endo, but I have since moved.

Now stuck in rural upstate NY. The local ob doctor is terrible. He wants only to do a 21d progesterone test before starting me on clomid.

Since my apt where I was dumb struck about this guys inabilities as a doctor, I have realized that a 21d test means nothing given that my cycles range from 28-43 days (the doctor failed to ask me anything regarding my cycles!). I haven’t had an HSG and I’m wondering, isn’t it a good idea given that I may have scar tissue? I asked him that very question and he laughed and mumbled.

Any advice on what tests need to be done before starting clomid would be appreciated. Thanks!

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