Ok ladies, here is my story…

I have been on BCP since I got my very 1st AF when I was 15. I am now 27 and have been off BCP’s since dec 2008 and have not had a period on my own. I have been having some pain here and there since then. but When I realized I was not ovulating AT ALL, I talk to my GYN and he had then put me on clomid 50mg. He didnt think that I had a problem at this point (apr 2009) but I knew something just wasnt right..

The 1st month didnt work, so then he UP’d my dose to 100mg, that STILL didnt touch me.. Finally He said he wanted to try one more round of clomid 150mg and if that didnt work he was referring me to a fertility specialist. In the meantime he ordered an US and put me on metformin 500 once daily.

after I finished the 3rd round of clomid I knew that something had to be done b/c it didnt work AGAIN. When I went to the specialist (yesterday) she said she wanted to continue the metformin and increase it to 500mg 3xdaily. I REALLLYY hope this is all I need. Im worried that if the clomid didnt work than the metformin isnt going to work either..

I NEED SOME ADVICE CYSTERS!!!! is anyone in the same exact boat as me??? if so.. HELP!!

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