Hi everyone,

Not really sure what to put in here, i thought i would introduce myself.. I am 30 years old, and according to doctors i have had PCOS for about 10 years, maybe a little longer.

I guess i just need support and for someone to tell me that everything is going to be ok…….I guess i know there was something wrong when i had my first period when i was 15 and proceeded to have ONE a year! I kept going to the doctors but they kept brushing it under the carpet, until 5 years later they came to the PCOS conclusion.. Any way, i’m on here for support and hopefully meet some good friends who know and understand what i’m going through!!

I think when i was younger, having a family never really bothered me. I was never the maternal type. But as i have grown up and got married, it seems it’s the only thing missing from my life. Everyone around me is having babies or is pregnant.. This just makes me feel 10 times worse, knowing that this isn’t going to be.

I will never experience the fantastic feeling of been pregnant or the thrill that child birth brings. I know the older i get, the less chance i have of getting pregnant. My husband already had a daughter so IVA on the NHS is out of the question.. Also, fostering or adopting are also out of the question due to my husband’s past! (Nothing child related, i’ll get this out from the start)

So as you can imagine, i’m a little stuck.. I know people who have had PCOS and who have conceived naturally, but it just doesn’t feel like i will be one of those people 🙁

Want to connect with me? My name is outovreach30 on the SoulCysters Message Board.