Hey everyone. So I suppose this is where I am supposed to introduce myself and tell you my story.

My name is Brandy, I am 25 and a single momma of two beautiful little miracles.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17, right after I had my daughter. I amazingly got pregnant at 16 with her and very greatful I did. I was told pregnancy would be very hard due to cysts on my ovaries and a tilted uterus. I was put on birthcotrol pills and well, they finally regulated me and I ended up pregnant. Mind you, I was married at the time.

I have a very crazy past.

So I was married and we wanted a baby, so I took the pills and wham bam, within three months I was pregnant. I noticed while I was pregnant strange things were happening to my body, and thought it was due to pregnancy and they would go away. They were noted by my doctors, and well as most know military doctors are not the greatest. Well, I had my daughter after a week of preterm labor and she was a whopping 5 lbs and beautifuly perfect as ever. I had her 5 weeks early.

I did my posnatal doctors apointment and my first pap after having her I was told I have mild dysplasia. I soon went in for further testing and hormone tests and etc. and found out with my history of cysts and etc. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS.

It was a scary thing, especially after the hair was growing and researching online what the effects were going to be on me for the rest of my life. I was terrified.

Not to mention my husband at the time was much older than me, and made me pretend to be older 90% of the time so that no one knew what a petafile he truley was. So for me to think I could loose my husband because of all these things that were happening to me crushed my world.

So, I ended up divorced needless to say, and remarried and again back on birthcontrol.

I was told by my doctor that birthcontrol is what would make me have a baby, being off it would be nearly impossible for me to get pregnant since I basically did not ovulate regularly if at all, and most of the time I ended up with cysts and what not. Which I thought would be considered endometriosis, sorry if thats spelt wrong.

Well my second husband did not believe me, and low and behold, at 20 Im knocked up again. He was pretty upset about it as was I. I was finally getting my life abck in order and going to college and etc.

But I thankful I did because my son is amazing and I couldnt imagine life without him.

So, I go into labor with my son at 20 weeks, stay in the hospital except for the few times I end up with cabin fever and freak out and sign myself out of the hospital.

I end up having my son by emergency c-section at 30 weeks, he was my 3lb preemie!! OMG can we say beautiful!

As soon as they took him out of me he cried and peed on the doctor. I knew right then and there that he would be my little hell raiser! haha! Thats my boy!!! And all boy at that.

So long story short, here I am, two marriages down the drain, two beautiful kids out of the ordeal…. and again dating someone.

I am in a very loving and caring stable relationship now. One that, now that I am mature and so much life experience, can truley say I am ready for my family to happen.

He adores my kids as well as they adore him. He has a 7 year old boy.

So in our family we have Shyanne, my 8 year old daughter, Ethan his 7 year old son, and Daniel my almost 4 year old son.

We have talked in depth about more children, and we want one together.

So were are actively trying, but not tooo hard. Im not on any medications yet we are just not using any form of birthcontrol.

I know the chances are slim to none until I get on something, but we are not wanting to take it that far just yet.

Maybe in due time.

Hope to get to know everyone. I am very gretful this is here. Its nice to know others out there are going through the same things as I am or have went through. Its a scary thing and effects us all differently, especially emotionally!

Have a beautiful day everyone.


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