If any of you can help me figure that out – or help me figure out how to discuss it with doctor – all help greatly appreciated.

I am 37. My mother and my sister have all sorts of autoimmune issues. My sister had endometriosus (sp?) and my mom’s first sign of medical issue was what they used to call “female troubles”. I really though that I had escaped! My period has never been super regular. By college it became clear that if I lived with someone who was on the pill I would end up on their cycle and that worked out really well for me.

Sometimes I would skip periods. The longest was for 3 months in 2003 – with repeated negative pregnancy tests, then things got “normal” again.

That summer I first noticed the horrible hard black chin hair. Just like a whisker. Yuck. Tweezers have become my friend. The hairs come and go. For months there will be a lot of them – then for a while they are barely evident. I sometimes, but not always, have very painful periods.

By painful I mean bring me to my knees and I have to lock my office door so that I can lay on the floor for a few minutes painful. This happens once or twice a year. I know that these periods are painful because I have a very high tolerance for most types of pain (I am a sissy if I burn myself on a pot though!).

My husband and I decided to start a family right after we got married because I am not getting any younger. This appears to be where all the trouble started and I don’t know why that would make a difference.

My period is now suddenly very irregular. I have pain. My period starts, is very light for two days, stops, and then starts again a day or two later. This can go on for nine days. My periods have also been late (7 weeks cycles or a little longer). It’s crazy and frustrating.

Oh, my boobs also started to hurt along the bottom by the underwire – I hate that! We thought I might be pregnant ( a cheap home test indicated faint positive but all the expensive tests said no — had a blood preg. test the day before Thanksgiving and was negative)

I went to the doctor yesterday. He sent me for an ultrasound (for kidney stones) this morning. According to the tech there are no stones. Doctor also had them do full blood work including metabolic panel. I go to see the gynecologist in a couple of weeks as there wasn’t an earlier appointment available.

So, if you read this big long post — thanks! If you have any thoughts – either that this sounds right and you think I belong here, or you know what I should say to my doctors, or even that something doesn’t seem right for PCOS to be the answer — I would appreciate your help.

Thanks so much and Happy New Year to everyone!

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