Hi everyone well im new to soulcysters and im excited to be here.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003 when I was trying to get pregnant and not able too. I hardly ever have my menstal cycle maybe 2 times a year and when I do I think I need to go the hospital cause I loose so much blood.

Anyway I have gained 80 pounds since 2001 before I even knew I had PCOS and I have tryed to lose it and have had such a hard time. The carb diet really is not for me I tryed it but I really felt unhealthy doing it I still need my carbs maybe not so much.

I have been doing lots of research on Metformin and PCOS and have seen some great things it can do. I went to the Dr last week and he thinks it will really help me with the weight and the getting pregnant part. I have the perscription im just waiting for him to get my labs back and give me the thumbs up. I will be taking 500mg two times a day.

Im so excited even though I know there might be some side affects. I feel so tired and in a fog all the time very unmotivated and its so opposit to how I used to be before I had PCOS. I really hope this helps me and Im going to eat better and work out as well with it (I hope) LOL so wish me luck and I hope to meet and hear things from some of you

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