This is my first post, so I hope this is what we do here…

I am a thin cyster with two children – one adopted and one bio. It took us a looong time to get to parenthood. We started TTC in 2002 and saw a RE in 2003, where I was diagnosed with PCOS.

We tried clomid, metformin, FSH, IUI. In 2007 we stopped pursuing a biological child and focused on adoption. I had surgery in Oct ’07 because an ultrasound (done at our last fertility treatment) showed a large white mass on the R ovary. The mass was removed (they thought it was a dermoid cyst but was just scar tissue, as it turns out).

We adopted our daughter in Nov. 2007 as a newborn. In December 2007 (yes the very next month) we found out we were expecting. Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding have all gone well. The only hard part was GETTING there!

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your stories.

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