I believe I’ve had PCOS since my early 20’s. I had several conversations with my doctors about why it was taking me so long to get pg (3 years) but they all said that I couldn’t possibly have PCOS because I was having regular periods and didn’t have acne. When I discovered I was pregnant in May 2006, I thought that was my confirmation that I didn’t have PCOS.

After the birth of my daughter – I had a horrible time producing milk. My doc attributed it to stress as my husband was diagnosed with cancer while I was pg. (oh – yes – it was a regular lifetime movie event)

Fast forward to Dec 2008 – I reach out to a new OBGYN because it’s been a year of TTC and no luck. She very quickly diagnoses me with PCOS and starts me on Met that day. We thought the Met would take care of things and I would be pregnant within a few months. A year later, I started taking Clomid. I’m now up to 150 mg Clomid, HSG and Ovidril all in prep for an AI. I had an unsuccessful AI in January and am back for round 2.

I’m absolutely heartbroken and worn down. Part of me says I should be greatful for #1 and a healthy cancer free husband and give up this TTC nonsense. But another part of me wishes for just one more little bundle.

I didn’t want my life to be this way to be this way.

I’m sure many of us have felt this way before.

So – here I am. Reaching out for support because I know of nobody else that has PCOS and will talk about it. I have very little hope and I needed some sunshine in my life. I’m hoping to find that here.

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