Here’s my story: i had some symptoms off and on from may be 18 or something. I always knew i was having some weird medical problems which no one had. I am 27 now. I has been missing periods from last 1.5 years, went to a doctor and then i was diagnosed with PCOS.

At first, i was really terrified but looking at this forum and reading so many stories made me feel optimistic. I feel that God has every right to give us any disease he wants, i am not the only one with problems and i should just find a way to deal with it. My symptoms are irregular periods, mild heuristic, i am thin and no other problem right now.

So i am graduate student and married. I just turned 27 and we planned on TTC may be when im 29 or 30. But this PCOS has really got me worried about fertility and i am basically thinking about conceiving now. So the university hospital prescribed me BCP, we use condoms. I dint start on them as yet. I ask the NP, and she said whenever you wanna get pregnent go to some hospital and talk to OBGYN. She said u shouldnt worry until u r 35. But i think i should think about it. Right now, i have an appointment next week with a doctor to check up my state.

I wanted to ask one question, i really want to work for graduate school , but family is also important, can a doctor tell me if i can wait a couple of years or what do u people suggest, go ahead with the baby and continue grad school later.

Recently Diagnosed
Me 27, hubby 27
Married 2 years, not TTC

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